Esittelijä Dodge: Jättiläinen kiire & Liity yhteenotto-huijauksiin&Hakata

Tekijä | huhtikuu 18, 2021

🏃 Tehtäväsi on voittaa kaikki kilpailun esteet. Eeppinen selviytymisajo! Seikkailukilpailu pitää sinut keskittyneenä ja parhaana loppuun asti! Rotu, Clash, Punch ja Win!

🏃 Erittäin houkutteleva 3D-peli, sinun täytyy hallita sormeasi siirtyäksesi vasemmalle tai oikealle kilpailussa, practice your dodge obstacles and imposter punch skill. During the chase, there are many foods on the race, you have to use your perfect wacky run & rush to get them. The more foods you get, the bigger you will be to dodge & pass the obstacle. Become the biggest imposter to pass all the obstacles and Join clash 3D with different dangerous Bosses

🏃The simple rule of Imposter Rush:
Esittelijä Dodge: Jättiläinen kiire & Join clash is a fight race game, you have to overcome all obstacles to become the winner and enter to the main final destination. In this area, you will fight with the Boss, interesting solo battle with Boss by using punches you’ve never done before, the winner will receive the rewards and coins to buy a skin for your imposter.

🏃GREAT FEATURES of Imposter Dodge: Jättiläinen kiire & Join clash:
👉 Different skins of imposters: skeleton, Luffy, American football Player, Doraemon, Songoku, Batman, Pikachu, Donal Trump, Mario, Superman,…
👉 Different imposters’ items: sword, shield, hammer, angel ring, pharmaceutical, bottle, magnet, spear.
👉 Join clash 3D and Dodge barriers with a beautiful fantasy interface
👉 The higher level in the chase, the more difficult challenge will be.

🏃HOW TO PLAY Imposter Dodge: Jättiläinen kiire & Join clash:
👉 Only one finger to move left or right to dodge the obstacles
👉 Eat food on the chase to make you bigger. This helps you through the obstacle.
👉 Try to run and avoid dangerous obstacles to survive. There are many obstacles in the race: hammer, Lazer, spike-trap, fist,…for you to challenge. You can dodge them or eat food to through them.
👉 Enter the main final area to punch Boss, slap kings. The punch & slap turn will be one by one.
👉 Join clash 3D with a different type of bosses.

Experience this addicted Imposter Dodge: Jättiläinen kiire & Join clash! Play the Imposter Dodge for free and also play offline, play everywhere and every time. New features will be added for the next update. Download Imposter Dodge: Jättiläinen kiire & Join clash to experience this challenging running.

⏬ Install and enjoy Imposter Dodge: Jättiläinen kiire & Join clash to practice your moving skill. Please rate ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ to support us.
We hope you have an exciting experience and relax moment with our Imposter Dodge: Jättiläinen kiire & Join clash. Thank you!