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Tekijä | elokuu 18, 2022

Become a hero of the legend following the journey of destiny with lovely girls,
Oriental Collective Action RPG Game Samurai Blade!

‘Sengoku Period of Japan when Yokai and Human coexisted,
there was a hero who protected the Marble from Yokai, the treasure of the village.
kuitenkin, with mysterious incident, the Marble was taken and all the tribe got killed

❖ Game Introduction ❖

▶ Let’s Experience together-Samu!
We invite you to the Cruel and Beautiful Story, the journey of revenge.

▶ Let’s Chop them-Samu!
Continuous Contents including Adventure, Raid, Duel, PVP!
Through them, grow your heroic Warrior, defeat Yokai and get the victory!

▶ Let’s Build the strategy-Samu!
NO more boring formation! Diverse Attributes of heroic Warriors such as Defense, Hyökkäys, Debuff
and strategic line positioning make your battle interesting!
Live Battle with speed, show your own play using proper skills!

▶ Let’s Gather fabulous characters-Samu!
Collect and grow the 46 types of heroic Warriors and lovely girls!
The voice of Warrior makes it more realistic!

▶ Let’s Enjoy the fancy graphic-Samu!
Animation Background based on Japanese Sengoku period!
Eye candy Skill Effect!

▶ Let’s Play it easy-Samu!
Intuitive Interface
Have fun in quick action! Easy grow, easy play!

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