Fire Hero 2D — Space Shooter Cheats&Hack

By | September 2, 2022

Hey! Are you sleeping or what? The galaxy is being attacked! We need you! Get ready and charge up your alien shooter!

We have a plan.

You’ll see a brick wall. There will be numbers on the bricks.

Fire out balls from your shooter. The balls weaken the siege. But be a deliberate brick breaker.

Destroy as many blocks as you can!

Don’t forget that you can boost your ball crusher. We’ll help you with this.

If you help us to protect the space and be a good bubble shooter, we’ll give you the galaxy shooter.

Download our bricks ball crusher game! Choose and upgrade your spaceship! Count bricks and balls! Test your speed! Shoot ’em all! Become the best space team defeating the galaxy attack!


– New version of fire games with new challenges
– One-handed operation of your space shooter
– Different from other space ship games cool boosters
– Endless gameplay for you to enjoy the galaxy attack space shooter experience
– Go far as you can
– Test your skills in space shooter games
– Greatly addictive type of ball games joined to space games

So, what are you waiting for? Join Fire Hero 2 and attack the galaxy in a space shooter game.