Crypto Ball Z on WEMIX Cheats&Hack

Mai vei | Me 12, 2022
◆ Crypto Ball Z Pre-Registration Event
Press the pre-register button for rewards!

◆ Receive Utility Tokens!
Get free HERCO through AirDrop right now!

What kind of a game is Crypto Ball Z?

▣ Fun Shooting & Vakasavasavataka
Away with the old! New type of idle RPG!
The appeal of an idle RPG with the fun of a bullet hell game!

▣ The Protectors of Earth, Super Heroes!
Awesome characters from the mega-hit game “Game of Dice” came back as heroes!
Combine to get unique Heroes!

▣ Even Better With P2E!
Fun and easy Play & Earn game
Collect HeroStone and exchange for Crypto tokens through various in-game activities!
Get large quantities of HeroStone through the season race!

▣ Use Crypto to Become a Ranker!
Get to higher stages to collect more HeroStone
Time to power up and upgrade!