Couleur Strike Go – Cheats&Pirater

Par | février 19, 2021

Le jeu mobile le plus addictif de 2021! 🔥🔥🔥

Color off all your rivals and save the world!

Explorez tous les spots, toits, et des bâtiments dans la ville pour retracer le méchant stickman et les recolorer avec un coup de grâce. Ne les laissez pas s'approcher de vous ou vous perdrez!

🔴 Realistic 3d FPS (Jeu de tir à la première personne)
Hit stickman with bright colorful balls to level up and win. Just tap the screen and start your rainbow shooting!

🟠 Powerful weapons and ammunition
From pistols to futuristic firearms and machine guns – lots of killing devices charged with paint. Upgrade your weapons to make things even more interesting!

🟢 Bright and colorful 3d graphics
The game’s graphics will help you immerse yourself in a thrilling futuristic 3d environment and score higher throughout your adventure. You don’t kill anybody! You just hit your enemies with dye-filled balls. That’s fun, droite?

🔵 Battle-hungry opponents
Your tactical and shooting skills will be challenged by sneaky stickman who strive and seek to recolor you with their dull paints. Aim at their heads to hit them down with a clean shot!

🟣 Dangerous bosses to beat up
Be prepared for sharp and hostile challenges! You’ll have to stand up to serious guys to get through all levels of this action-packed game. Test your tactical skills and try out advanced combat techniques to win the battle!

– 350+ diverse levels
Hordes of opponents and bosses
– 7 weapon sets and lots of upgrade options
Clean and intuitive navigation
Easy to play FPS
Works offline
Never-ending stream of paint to have fun with!

Couleur Strike Go (CS GO) promises to be one of the most addictive and eye-pleasing shooters in 2021. Essaie! Take up your dye-filled gun and beat all stickman in the city.

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