Idle Creepy Park Inc. – Cheats&Pirater

Par | septembre 30, 2021

N'ayez pas peur des monstres! Démarrez votre propre entreprise effrayante!

Êtes-vous assez courageux pour entrer dans un parc d'aventure plein de monstres effrayants 🤔?
Idle Creepy Park Inc. est une expérience effrayante et excitante pour tous les joueurs inactifs🔥!

Explorer une maison d'horreur hantée avec des monstres effrayants n'est certainement pas une aventure pour tout le monde😮.
You have to hire brave managers to help you run this park. Although making money by scaring people 👻 sounds like a great business plan and it’s still kind of creepy 🤑!

It’s going to be an exciting adventure! But before you start, you should be ready for SCARY things 😨! As the owner of the creepy park you will have to hire managers so they will take care of all scary monsters exhibitions.

Hire managers to maintain public order inside. They will fix 🔧 broken monster exhibits and clean 🧹 all the spooky areas but managers also represent your scary idle business to the customers.

Offer your guests the most enjoyable adventure. Make them feel scared but satisfied😆! Improve your park with new and creepy monsters! Don’t forget about ticket booths🎟️, food stands (sweets🍭!) and various games🕹️for your customersyou can upgrade almost everything to keep your idle business in good condition! Keep checking your stats! Financial results 🧾, product sales 💰, managers work and customer satisfaction ✔️ should be your top priority now!


● SCARY idle park of haunted attractions! Tons of scary monsters 🤡 and a lot of work to do!

● CREEPY creatures! Contains vampires🧛, mummies🤕, pirates🏴‍☠️, monsters and many more.

● EASY to play, difficile à maîtriser! But managers will help you! Are you ready for it😱? It’s FREE to play!

● ENJOY this adventure! Detailed rooms, creepy atmosphere and disturbing characters are spine-chilling but also thrilling in a good way!

● FUN idle gameplay! Earn money 💲 and grow your business as fast as you can!

Don’t be afraid of success and keep tapping👍