Légende immortelle: RPG inactif – Cheats&Pirater

Par | avril 9, 2021

MMORPG vertical inactif. Transform into powerful Gods and Angels.
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Caractéristiques de jeu

Nouveau & Relaxing Experience
Idle vertical MMORPG allows you to play the game freely with one-hand operation. Mise à niveau rapide , rétroaction intelligente, et un gameplay facile vous garantissent une expérience totalement détendue. Vivez le plaisir où vous le souhaitez.

Transform as you like and get glorious customized style
The customized system can help you to transfer as you like and rebirth when reached the peak. Gain exclusive peak badge, cool master skills and customized style. Switch between thousands of outfit and design your own fashionable style!

High chance of dropping rate for Boss hunting
Reaping the whole screen and dropping endless rewards. Hunting bosses in the game world is the main way of getting rare equipment and materials. Original designed gear evolution system can help you to stack gear stats and forge gears with exclusive attributes!

Cross-server Battles
The time of guild war has come. Participate a guild and enter the cross-server battles. Cooperate with companions, fight in warm-blooded battlefields, sezure your throne and be the dominating one! Gather your companions and prepare for a multi-player battle!