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Idle Beauty Salon: Hair and nails parlor simulator Cheats&Hack

Smidiú, stíl gruaige, nails — these services are always in demand. Create your idle beauty salon business and help people look beautiful! Start with a few hairdresser masters, teach them new haircuts and improve their skills. The cooler the hairstyle they can do, an níos mó airgid a dhéanann tú. Make your masters and barbers the best top… Leigh Nios mo »

Hair Dye – Cheats&Hack

What hairstyle do you want? What hair color ? What hair dye? Ready for the #1 hair color changer challenge? Grab your hair dye, dath gruaige, and favorite hairstyle and get to work at the hair salon. Dye crazy hairstyles with the hair color changer and add beautiful decorations. Add crazy color to amazing hairstyles.… Leigh Nios mo »