Wizard Legend: Fighting Master – Cheats&Hack

Le | Eanáir 14, 2022

About the Game
Wizard Legend: Fighting Master is a Roguelike action game. Tá níos mó ná 50 magic skills in the game and 5 magic elements. The different combinations of magic skills will create different battle styles. Thairis sin, the mass amount of artifacts with various effects will make the battle unlimited.

The favorite food of the little wizard is all kinds of desserts. During the studies of magic, he found that the consumption of magic can be recovered by eating high-sugar desserts. Cad atá níos mó, the little wizard never worries about being fat.
ach, the so-called Dessert Company emerged suddenly and began the Non-Vital Activation Experiments, turning all the desserts into offensive monsters.
The little wizard was very angry and decided to enter the Dessert Company to eliminate all the mutated desserts and found out the reason for the mutation.

Gnéithe Cluiche
Roguelike game with magic skills, start the adventure as a wizard.
– Níos mó ná 50 skills with 5 eilimintí, create your unique combination.
Find random skills on the floors and keep the best in your magic book.
Collect and wait for a great chance to release powerful magic runes.
– Níos mó ná 100 magic artifacts with different functions.
Challenging boss fight and rank with glory.
Collect various magic cloak and magic book to defeat different enemies.
Infinite challenge mode, Endless mode and Daily Boss challenge.

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