Ghost Hunter : Pixel Survival Cheats&Hack

By | June 29, 2023

A gate to hell created by demon follower’s summoning ritual that went wrong.
We must prevent the great devil who controls hell from coming out of the gate!

In order to prevent the Great Devil, the world must not be dominated by evil energy.
We need to purify the ghosts and all demons that constantly leak through the cracks in the gate and the souls that have been contaminated by evil energy.

Save the world from evil and prevent the Great Devil from taking over the world!

Features :
▷ Easy controls and cool movement with dash function
▷ Feel the unique pixel art
▷ Combine various character’s power to create more powerful skills
▷ Play strategically with powerful weapon and skill combinations for each chapter.
▷ Collect experience as fast as you can and get stronger to bust the demons!
▷ You can also collect and upgrade your newly designed equipment and weapons

Become the best ghost hunter in a world full of ghosts and demons, with sensational powers combined with fancy skills!

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