Giant Wanted: Hero Sniper 3D Cheats&Hack

By | April 8, 2022
Buckle up, hero snipers! Giant enemies are invading your hometown. And there’s only one way to defeat them: aim and shoot. Are your shooting skills up for it? 😎

– Adjust the shooting angle, concentrate on your giant targets, and SHOOT.
– Try to defeat all giants before they kill all casualties in town.
– Don’t forget to make use of special shooting skills for an easier win.
– Sometimes the giants come in crowds, and they come FAST. Hold on to your gun and don’t lose faith.

– Eye-catching cinematic game scenes
– Multiple weapon options: sniper rifles, bazooka, rockets,…
– Explore different maps, hunt down different giant monsters: Wuggy, Mommy Spider, Freddie Bear, Thanos…
– Daily valuable rewards

Hurry up! Citizens are screaming for help! 😱 Download Giant Wanted: Hero Sniper 3D now and join the most epic combat ever against giant titans.