Quaser One – Trucos&Corte

Control your spaceship, manage your resources!Challenging ciencia ficción resource management and spaceship simulation game. Quaser is a sci-fi resource management game in which you manage different sections of a spaceship with scarce resources. The complexity involved in keeping the ship functional and oneself alive is the core of the game. Watch the gauges and monitor your… Le máis »

Magic vs. Metal – Trucos&Corte

Centuries after a meteor impact nearly wipes out mankind, two factions evolveone biological, the other mechanical. Agora, both are locked in a desperate war for survival. Choose your hero, summon an unstoppable army, unleash devastating powers, and wipe out the enemy in this unique real-time strategy game. REAL TIME STRATEGY (RTS) OR THIRD-PERSON-SHOOTER… Le máis »