Venres pola noite Funkin Sky Trucos de proba de personaxes&Corte

Por | Maio 31, 2021

Inspirado nos vídeos de Shannon Sunday, presentando FNF Sky Character Test! Non estaba seguro de se ía facer mods Funkin do venres pola noite ou non, pero porque recibín tantas solicitudes na miña última proba de personaxes non puiden dicir que non. Este está dedicado a Trixie Chan, Yumeko, and everyone else who wanted a Sky character test. I hope you enjoy!

I actually had not heard about Sky until you all mentioned her. Let me just take a second to say how cool this mod is! The amount of art that goes into the second song alone is incredible. I can tell bbpanzu puts a lot of pride in their work.

This app wouldn’t be possible without the amazing ninjamuffin99. Sky’s art, animations and voice is by bbpanzu. Character design by bfswifeforever. Art by evilsk8r.