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Gummy Drop! Combina para restaurar e construír cidades Trucos&Corte

Gummy Drop! is the exciting Match 3 puzzle game where you restore monuments 🏛️ and rebuild cities around the world 🌍, one gummy at a time! Pack your bags and get ready to fill up your passport in this global matching game. Be the traveler and the tour guide, completing puzzles to rebuild and restore… Le máis »

Tile Master 3DTriple Match & 3D Pair Puzzle Cheats&Corte

Tile Master 3D is a new and stylish free game ever than before! Power up your brain and increase your memory speed. Hundreds of cute and diversified 3d combinations. Game Play ❓Choose three same 3d projects from randomly placed items! Be carefully, don’t fill up the collect bar!Within limited time, clear all 3d items, pass… Le máis »

Monstros & Crebacabezas: Batalla de Deus, Partido novo 3 Trucos de RPG&Corte

👑 Immerse yourself in a world of adventure that still has many undiscovered continents, along with many fierce areas exclusive for whose strength to battle with each other and assert your glory with the unmatchable army of monsters. Can you bypass a strong guardian waiting for the worthy one to find ancient treasures? Can you… Le máis »