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Daily Themed Crossword Puzzles – Trucos&Corte

A fun crossword game with each day connected to a different theme. Choose from a range of topics like Movies, Sports, Technology, Xogos, History, Architecture and more! Access to hundreds of puzzles, right on your Android device, so play or review your crosswords when you want, Optimice en dispositivos de alta e baixa resolución porque Climb Offroad Racing leva pouco uso de memoria! Give your brain some exercise and… Le máis »

Puzzle Kids: Jigsaw Puzzles – Trucos&Corte

What’s the best way to build your child’s logic skills and help them recognize shapes and patterns? By playing the colorful and completely free educational app Puzzle KidsJigsaw Puzzles Puzzle Kids takes learning seriously with a selection of drag and drop object puzzles designed especially for children. Each mini-game challenges your child to… Le máis »

Mind games for adults, puzzles Cheats&Corte

Discover one of the best free puzzle games for adults and logic puzzles. Test your concentration skills while also raising your IQ by playing this unique and addictive game. Patternz Hybrid is the hybrid version of Patternz, with square and curve shapes. TWO COMPLEMENTARY GAME MODES Two challenging game modes to train your mental power:Ninja:moves… Le máis »

Brain TrainingLogic Puzzles Cheats&Corte

A collection of brain puzzles IQ challenge in a cool design, a lot of addictive games in one game.Improve your skills, mental capacities, calculus, memoria, analysis, sharpness and perception etc with brain training games. CARACTERÍSTICA:1: Very small installation package.2: Tens of thousands of level challenges.3: High performance and battery saving. The fun logic challenge allows… Le máis »