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Hotel Fever Tycoon – Trucos&Corte

Wanna be a Hotel Empire Tycoon or a Top Cooking Chef? Chegar a “Hotel Fever Tycoonto start an interesting hotel management and cooking journey with Emma and Uncle George! Work together to build your world-class hotel chain! Operate different featured theme hotelsElegant European-style hotel, Hawaiian-style seaside wooden house hotel, Luxurious castle hotel, every well-designed… Le máis »

SteamPower 1830 Railroad Tycoon – Trucos&Corte

SteamPower1830 Railroad Tycoon is an engaging strategy and economic simulation game for your tablet and smartphone. Lay tracks to build a thriving railroad and business empire and become a railroad tycoon. As the Golden Age of the steam train dawns, you create your own dynamic world of railway lines, cities and steam locomotives. With superb… Le máis »