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Easy but intensive fun of RPG!
“”God of Idle””

Full of content to enjoy
▶ This wealth of mine comes from ‘Mine Content’
In this “God of Idle” world, you need to continuously earn more to be stronger!
If you want to, The ‘Mine’ Content will let you do! Not only that, but you can also become a real rich man!

▶ Combine Skills and Items to grow your character to Great Warrior
Find companions for your journey and find endless opportunities to grow stronger together.
Meet companions who will fight through murky dungeons, become stronger, and will always stand by your side.

This world needs a true Warrior
▶ Jump Into the Dungeon and encounter the evil Monsters!
From a wicked goblin, skeletons to even the lords of evil, there’s a lot of monsters you should encounter!
Raise your character and defeat these Monsters to save the world.

Deceptively Convenient
▶ Merge to Get Stronger
Merge and upgrade the weapons, shields, helms, and boots.
Reap rewards from each victory and use more powerful equipment to gear up your character.
Upgrade weapons for attacking power or defensive gear for survivability—the choice is entirely up to you.

Fast-paced, Mesmerizing Combat
▶ Fun and Vibrant Action, Chock-full of Content
“”God of Idle”” is optimized for mobile devices, and offers an adventure-RPG experience that doesn’t require complex controls to enjoy.
You only need to decide which parts of your equipment to upgrade first and how to allocate your character’s attribute points. Overwhelm powerful foes with a hail of abilities to show them the true meaning of hellfire.

▶ Fun-to-watch Action, Exciting Skills to Learn
From war-torn plains to magnificent cities and shadowy jungles, a vast world unfolds before your eyes.
As you “”merge”” your way through, you will face changing sceneries and ever-evolving challenges.

Official Git Book:
EN: https://wemade-connect.gitbook.io/en-god-of-idle/
KR: https://wemade-connect.gitbook.io/kr-1/

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