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By | August 14, 2022

Relieve your stress by playing the men’s RPG game GoldenKnights: Metaverse!
Feel the fun play from gorgeous heroes and gears to collect.

Looking for a funny collectible action RPG? Here we recommend GoldenKnights: Metaverse.

Play GoldenKnights: Metaverse, an easy and fun that everyone can play!

■■■■■ Game Feature ■■■■■
▶ More than 270 different heroes and gorgeous action!

▶ More comfortable, faster!

▶ Strategically nurture unique heroes!
270 kinds of heroes armed with unique skills and equipment!
Build the strongest team with your own strategic training and combination!

▶ Extreme convenience you’ve never experienced before! ◀
Top-notch customized service tailored just for you!
Experience the essence of luxury auto play battle!

▶ Unpredictable PVP showdown! ◀
A real battle to determine the big shot!
Defeat the strong with strategy and prove that you are the strongest!

▶ Battle with a giant boss in the abyss! ◀
Battle with bosses boasting the overwhelming power of 5 attributes!
Defeat the bosses and get the best rewards!

▶ Quarry looting you can steal or lose! ◀
If you’re short on resources, just try to rob it!
The start of the great looting! Mining loot!!

▶ A large-scale war with colleagues! Guild Territory Battle!! ◀
Abundant estates that bring wealth and honor to the guild!
Get together colleagues and take over the top-notch territories!!


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