Guard Frontier: Shoot Zombies – Cheats&Hack

By | March 21, 2022

Guard Frontier: Shoot Zombies.An unknown virus suddenly spread all over the world. Humans and animals were infected and turned into walking dead.Metropolis has turned into Cities of Silence. Survivors gather together and struggle to live.
As a soldier charged of guarding frontline,you must shoot and kill any zombies that come close to the shelter. Recently,the zombie team has gotten bigger , and the pauses in the attack have gotten shorter.Gradually, you realize that the zombies have become organized, as if something is driving them.

“Can we really win?” You shouted and asked after repelling the zombie invasion again.What you don’t expect is that on the edge of city, countless zombie s are gathering towards a huge monster…

“Can we really win?”

“Can we really win?”


To survive, you need:

* Quickly aim and shoot zombies
* Update or enhance your weapons
* Use various props to expand the lethality
* Go to cities with sufficient supplies

Game Features:

* Aariety of zombies-zombie walkers, animal zombies and huge boss mutants
* Simple operation- play with just one finger
* Diverse and realistic weapons
* A 3D game that can be played offline

Now you can start the survival challenge, download it for free. Joining the fighting to the zombies, try to win the war and become a legend.