Gym Mania: Hotel & Gym games Cheats&Hack

By | January 2, 2023

Open a dream of a health club chain with Idle Gym Mania!

Your fitness games, your rules! Gym Mania games is an exciting business simulator that puts you in the shoes of a gym manager. Find out how it feels to run a chain of top-notch fitness clubs, ready to provide the best service to their visitors!

This gym simulator games has a number of unique features:
⏱️ An exciting time time management games (tap, tap) that will keep you fired up!
?️‍♂️ The ability to grow your gym tycoon through efficient management!
? Special quests and cool rewards for completing them!
? Hot contests with gold medals and cups awarded for completing achievements in Gymnastic games!
? Nice graphics: so your visitors can look their best, and your workout games can feel the most creative!
⚠️ Regular updates in Idle tycoon games! From new exercise machines to events!
? Gym life: from love affairs to engagements right by the treadmill!
? Unique emotions and experience only a real business simulator workout can offer!

Strong games feature a unique athletic vibe. And impress even players who don’t know anything about fitness and workout. In Gym Mania, every fitness club is unique, which makes this simulator different from other games and keeps you from getting bored. You manage a whole gym chain, which is why you need trusted assistants. Theresa and Alicia will do everything to make your fitness club chain the greatest! Charming Theresa will greet every client with a smile, and the experienced Alicia will make sure the guests’ dreams come true! Every muscle of your guest will be developed. Satisfaction guaranteed: together, we can help anyone grow some muscles and get a workout master.

Developing your dream club in Gym Mania is so exciting! This simulator can be moderately difficult, but, just like in any sport, the result is always worth the effort. The game offers plenty of boosters to help the player make it through. Boosters make the gameplay more fascinating and way more thrilling!

Enjoy the thrill that only an idle sports game can provide!

Gym Mania is a time management game. Keep all your visitors happy and satisfied! Just like in the real world, a business simulator will teach you to set your priorities right. Effectively manage your assistants, and your gym will attract even more clients. Spend your time and resources wisely to keep everyone happy and your business profitable!

Get unique benefits for your club! Fitness simulators are closely linked to healthy nutrition and sport supplements. Theresa will do a great job as a coach, but she can also provide professional advice on the athlete’s diet. Besides, she can easily make any drink. No performance enhancing drugs! Only exercise, nutrition, vitamins, idle workout, sweat, and a perfect body as a result!

Travel all over the world! You will have to visit numerous countries to grow your gym chain. In each country, gyms have certain features and a unique national flavor. Travelers from all over the planet are eager to enjoy the luxurious service provided by your fitness clubs!

Download Gym Mania to create your dream gym. This simulator will bring you a lot of fun moments and become your guide to the world of sports and business!

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