Calories Go – Mai cuta&Hack

Daga | Nuwamba 23, 2021

A real parkour game!! The body moves alongside the beats of music.
It brings unprecedented exercise pleasure and gaming experience.
By doing motions such as moving left or right, jumping, and squatting down in the real world, players dodge obstacles and get treasures at the game. (Players may evaluate own physical strength before deciding whether to switch to more challenging motions such as squatting down and jumping in Settings.)
Do exercise anytime, anywhere in the fusion of AR and a 3D environment; users can switch between a AR mode and a 3D mode at will.
Feel the musical challenges and sensory and physical simulation varying at different levels
This game will simultaneously detect users’ “Calories” burnt throughout the game and convert such calories number to “Gold Coins”.
Gold Coinscan be exchanged in stores for gaming props and special commodities.

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