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Cookies Inc. – Idle Clicker Cheats&Hack

Played 100,000+ times each day! Kawai 1% of players get $10 million within 3 mintuna – can you?! ★ NO annoying forced video ads bothering you★ Completely optional competitive or casual co-op multiplayer★ Unfolding gameplay where you unlock and discover new features★ 300+ unique hand drawn cookies including pizza cookies (yes, you read that right)★… Kara karantawa »

Medieval Clicker Blacksmith – Mai cuta&Hack

Medieval Clicker Blacksmith – Fantasy clicker and tap game.Over 500.000 downloads so far! Welcome to the first Medieval Clicker adventure, a game where you’ll be able to craft the most epic fantasy weapons ever as a talented blacksmith!Wield the Legendary Hammer and join Talkor the medieval blacksmith and her daughter Vala in this adventure forging… Kara karantawa »