Zombie Horde: Heroes FPS & RPG Mai cuta&Hack

Daga | Oktoba 20, 2022

Casual first-person semi-autoplay portrait shooter with RPG elements and a deep metagame based on collectable heroes.

Manage dozens of incredible heroes, each featuring different skills, abilities, unique weapons and breathtaking backstory in various game modes!


Fun shooter and sniper FPS in portraitone thumb controls crafted for mobile and aimed at fast-paced missions

Battler-like metagameloop of various game modes, heroes with multiple upgradable aspects and deeply interconnected events and long run live-operations

– 60+ unique heroeseach with their own skills, special abilities, history and personality

Rich hero arsenaleach hero has its own weapon with its unique stats

Fantastic hero abilitiesrain down the rockets from the sky or use bionic powers to destroy enemies with a single tap!

Exciting social aspectsAlliances with multiple Alliance events, various competitive and
collaborative leaderboards for all events and modes

Various enemies and challenging boss fights