Anipang Match – בגידות&גַרזֶן

על ידי | נוֹבֶמבֶּר 15, 2022

Lovely Match-3 Puzzle Game Anipang Match is for pre-registration!
Pre-register now to get a full set of ‘Duck Raincoat’!

התאמה, Pop, and Earn!
ANIPANG IP with 75M downloads now becomes ANIPANG MATCH!
You can earn coins by playing simple Match-3 Puzzles!

?Enjoy playing Match-3 with Special Blocks! PLAY TO EARN?
-Cute Match-3 Puzzle Game! Match Animal Blocks to get Special Combos!
-Unique Special Combo Effects! Great puzzle graphics that maximizes excitements in flying blocks!
-Speedy Match-3 with unique touch! Use various items to remove blocks!

?Crypto Puzzle Game where Level clear leads to growth!?
-Match-3 Puzzle full of Colorful Graphics and cute Animal Blocks every levels!
-Fruits, Candle, Grass, and countless Obstacle blocks to test your Puzzle-solving Skills!
-Unique Match-3 gameplay that makes you lose track of time and Level System encouraging your desire to win!

?Brand New P&E Puzzle Battle! Live Match-3 Competition Game with full of thrills!?
-Breathtaking 20 user Battle! Survive the Match-3 battle with fast Touch and high level Puzzle Strategy!
-Get the highest ranking in the Match-3 Puzzle Battle with your friends! Get tons of gifts!
-You can be the last one! Become a Ranker using Crypto!

?Enjoy Styling Cute Anipang Friends!!?
-Dress up Anipang Friends with my own style! Match Puzzles and Match Styles!
-Tons of Styles! Dress them of my own style with various accessories and cloth!
-Items and costumes that are updated differently every season!
-Makeover Anipang Friends with my own hands! Dress up Anipang Friends in plain clothes nicely!

?Special Episode Feature just for Anipang Match! ?
-A new episode unlocks as you clear levels! Check out various feeds with Anipang Friendsdaily life!
-Open up Anipang FriendsPuzzle World full of Love, חֲבֵרוּת, and Exciting Stories!
-Ring Ring! A new reply is up! Anipang Friends will reply to your post!
-Every time you open a new Episode, tons of free rewards are given! פריטים, Coins and Lives!