Brave Soul: Frozen Dungeon – בגידות&גַרזֶן

על ידי | מרץ 30, 2022

Brave Soul: Frozen Dungeon launches on March 29, 2022!

It’s a time when the Dark Titan has mastered the evil power of the void and with it, he commanded countless demons to invade the continent of humans. Against the backdrop of such a chaotic world, you begin a journey of pursuing your destiny. Along the adventure, you will meet companions from different factions, and together you need to unite brave heroes over the continent and find ways to defeat the demon legion from the dark abyss.

[Various Characteristic Heroes]
– 3 kinds of special attributes, 5 races, 5 classes, and over 100 heroes with different styles at your command
Each hero has an exclusive background story, delicately tailored to match the main storyline
There will be interactive plots between different heroes. By unlocking heroesbonds, their attributes will be enhanced.

[Tactical Roguelike Gameplay]
There are different roguelike dungeons in which you can solve puzzles, collect items and fight against monsters
There will be various obstacles and powerful enemies in the dungeons to hinder your progress, which requires not only strategies, but also real power.
Through unremitting search, you can obtain powerful buffs and precious rewards

[Intense PVP Battles]
A variety of cross-server challenges to satisfy your desire to dominate the entire server
In the cross-server championship, you can capture the opponentsposition and break their defense to occupy their base camp
You can also compete for the strongest team by teaming up with other players

[Leisure and Casual Minigames]
After the fierce competition, you can chill out by playing the minigames in the game and enjoy a slow life
There are classic minigames such as fishing, tile-matching and other games waiting for you to play in the game house
In the process of minigames, you can collect different items to exchange for various game rewards

[הטבות עשירות]
Claim free 1000 consecutive draws just by logging in!
Guarantee a five-star hero for every 10 consecutive draws!
Get Abundant Resources Even While Offline