Carver Carver: אתגר חיים – בגידות&גַרזֶן

על ידי | אוֹקְטוֹבֶּר 15, 2021

תן ל Carver Carver: אתגר חיים game start!

Win levels and get chances to gain freedom and survive. Those who win will earn a cool prize.

Games are known to everyone, they’re easy to learn and play. If you win the first game, you can move to the next level and test your luck.

Be attentive! Big boss is watching you. Follow the rules and you will live the game safely with the prize.

The challenge game features:

Addictive gameplay
Real survival thrill
Bright graphics & animation
Several Challenging games to play

Are you ready to play your card? Join Carver Carver: אתגר חיים! We can begin an amazing game now!

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