Energy: Anti-Stress Loops – בגידות&גַרזֶן

על ידי | מרץ 25, 2023

A calming and anxiety-relieving puzzle game. An addictive journey and a great time killer. Solve the puzzles and pass the lines of energy.

Playing this amazing game with energy can increase your mental focus and relax you at the same time.

משחק פשוט: Just tap the lines to rotate and create connected loops. The wires will shine when at least one bolt and a lamp are connected through a line.
מַרגִיעַ: People with OCD issues mention this game as a great way to get better. Energy gameplay is very calm – “just tap the line” – and a couple of levels per day are enough to fight OCD and anxiety issues. It’s like practicing yoga with your smartphone.
מגניב מוח חכמים: Energy features endless minimalist brain-teasers that will boost your logic skills, להרגיע את נשמתך ולשפר את הריכוז שלך. It will make you bright!
משחק קלאסי: בהשוואה גבוהה למשחקי לוגיקה אחרים בשל הפשטות שלו, Energy is very satisfying and will illuminate the creative side of your brain.
לשחק בכל מקום: אתה תיקח פחות מ 20 seconds to illuminate a circuit. זה מושלם לשחק באוטובוס או בזמן שאתה מחכה לטיסה שלך בשדה התעופה. התחל לשחק והירגע בכל מקום שאתה נמצא!
Recharge your battery: If your body battery is very low, Energy is the way to recharge it. Wherever you are at the airport, on the train, or on the bus, boost your concentration and make your brain shine with the brain-teasers reminiscent of Infinity Loop.

Better than a yoga session, Energy will relax your soul!
Play the king of logic games now!

If your body battery is fading, Energy is the perfect boost to recharge it! Featuring a minimalist style, a transmission circuit, and smart brain-teasers, this bright game will help you to calm your anxiety and get your concentration in line!

Energy is reminiscent of the classic Loop by its simplicity and satisfaction provided. You just need to tap the wire to rotate it and manage to connect all the lines. Make sure the transmission includes at least a lamp circle, a wire, and a lightning bolt circle to illuminate the light circuit. The wire loops will shine when everything is connected!

Part of the famous Infinity Loop franchise, this calm, מינימליסטי, and smart game will help you dealing with anxiety and OCD. Instead of closing endless loops, you must tap to connect every wire to the lamp and create a closed light transmission. Once you tap the first line, אתה תגביר את הריכוז שלך ותפחית את כל הסימפטומים של חרדה או OCD. Try to illuminate the circuit as many times as you can and recharge your soul with positive ideas.

In calm brain-teasers like this, you don’t need to be super smart or fast as a lightning bolt to succeed. Creating a functional light circle using every wire, bolt, and lamp is more important than delivering a bright performance. ENERGY environment is satisfying and minimalist, featuring a calm soundtrack and endless light loops. The positive energy provided by this game will recharge your smartphone battery or make your brain shine like a star.

If you are looking for a minimalist tap game to boost your concentration, ENERGY is the right choice. Like other easy-to-learn logic games, this smart game features endless brain-teasers and its structure works as a circle: since you can’t finish it, your progress is like an endless circle.

Working as a concentration boost and a great way of fighting anxiety and OCD issues, Energy is also a fun way of improving creativity while you relax your soul. By connecting every wire, lamp, and bolt, you will illuminate the transmission and create bright light shapes.

We associate ENERGY with yoga because this game is an excellent way to purify your mind and soul When you complete a dozen levels, your heart rate slows down. Just like in a yoga exercise.

פתק: This game is also available on Android Wear and Android Watches. And it’s very fun as well!