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द्वारा | जुलूस 25, 2022
Live the horse dream! Equestrian the game is a horse riding- & management game. Ride and compete with horses of different breeds and personalities!

New features:
Compete in Season 1: Equestrian Southwest, and win new rewards!
New breed: The Thoroughbred.
Customize your character with cool riding gear!

* Acquire complex horses of different breeds, temperaments, and personalities
* Create your own Equestrian character and starter horse
* Compete in show jumping and level up in tiers
* Compete with other players in the competition leaderboards
* Ride out in extensive trails where you can explore and find time trials
* Build and upgrade your farmstead and expand your capabilities
* Find and collect horses of different breeds: Arabian, Swedish Warmblood, Welsh Cob, Friesian, Thoroughbredand more coming.
* Train your horses to improve their stats and set them up for success
* Feed your horses to give them energy and bonuses
* Get different tack to equip your horse with (saddles, bridles, saddle pads, polo wraps, boots)

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Recommended Android version 9 या ऊँचा. Recommended > 2GB RAM to run smoothly.

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