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द्वारा | फ़रवरी 6, 2023

“All in all, it’s a beautiful app that I highly recommend.“

When you enter Fuzzy House, you enter a timeless world, that you can change and vitalize yourself. Kids can explore Fuzzy House, use their imagination and create their own stories as they play along.

What is going to happen in the house is up to you – is there going to be a tea party, is it time to tug the fuzzies to bed, take a bath or just sit by the fireplace and play the guitar?

In Fuzzy House you will meet no in-app purchases and no advertisements. There are no time limits, स्तरों, scores or power ups – Fuzzy House is all about free open-ended and imaginative play. There are lots of things to discover and interact with and therefore plenty of replay value.

Fuzzy House is designed, so that 4 year olds as well as 9 year olds can use it – and have fun.

We have established Fuzzy House, because we want to develop great apps for kids.

Apps that appeal to parents like ourselves who prefer authenticity over princess stereotypes and makeup games.

Apps where kids can use their imagination and create their own stories as they play along.

Apps where kids can be kids without gender stereotypes.

Fuzzy House is supported by the Danish Games Scheme.

“There is so much for kids to explore, it’ll take them a long time to get through it all.”

Featured as one of “7 AWESOME apps for preschoolers”:
“There is plenty to discover and interact with, and the app is supported by a great website with ideas for make and create, and knitting.”

“The more digital my life gets – and that of my children – the more I’m drawn to beautiful physical toys, from wood to wool. Some apps are inspired by those kinds of toys too, हालांकि. Fuzzy House, उदाहरण के लिए, is a lovely “doll house app” that stars a cast of woolly characters.”

“Love using open exploration apps like this in OMazing Kids speech therapy! So many great opportunities for vocabulary, verbs, adjectives, pronouns, spatial concepts, storytelling, sequencing, turn taking and more.”

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