Tsim Masters - sab hauv tsim Cheats&Hack

Los ntawm | Lub peb hlis ntuj 11, 2021

Are you dreaming about your own sweet mansion? Dreams come true in this home decorating puzzle game.

Play Design Masters and become a real house interior designer:
decorate your mansion;
create realistic 3d interiors: a loft-style living room, a French eclectic bedroom or a modern hall;
combine various furnishing and lighting to design your dream home;
choose the best art objects and home decor elements for your house;
solve puzzles in match 3 kev ua si, win levels and create your unique home design makeover.

You may get inspired by famous designers and artists, such as Philippe Starck and Jackson Pollock. Get ideas for your own mansion and learn the design basics in an easy game manner. Play anywhere online or offline, without wi-fi or any Internet connection.

Enjoy the game and discover your designer’s skills.

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