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Los ntawm | Lub Rau Hli 1, 2023

Grand Sanctuary: Troth of Goddess is an idle, turn-based strategic RPG that offers a fantastic gaming experience, exquisite arts, and requires strategic thinking. It is an AFK game that provides hours of fun. Hauv qhov kev ua si, you can command powerful goddesses to conqueor everything. The victory is within your grasp, but fate is unpredictable.


▷Dragon’s Back
This area allows players to farm abundant resources without any time limit. Higher-ranked players receive exclusive rewards. If some floors are too challenging, players can check and learn from other players’ pab pawg.

Players can enjoy 1v1 battles or thrilling team fights in Team Arena and Cross Summit Fight, respectively. Winning battles results in big rewards. Become a valkyrie and lead your team to victory!

Relics offer an exciting exploration experience where players encounter guardians in each dungeon. Defeating them leads to discovering treasure chests. Be alert, as the boss is fierce! You might even face the end of days, the Ragnarok!

▷Divinity Exploration
Players must decide their route carefully in this feature. Once they choose one route, the other routes will be destroyed. It requires a strategic approach to succeed. Reach the top and enter the valhalla!

Saib xyuas:

•In-game purchase is available.
•This game is available in multiple languages, including English, Fabkis, German, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, Nyiv, Kauslim, Tsoos Suav, Vietnamese and Thai.

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