Poppy Kissy: Final Chapter – Khib&Hack

Los ntawm | Lub Ib Hlis 15, 2022

And the horror continues when you meet Kissy Missy, a dear friend of Huggy, lurking around the abandoned factory.

In Chapter 2, many hidden rooms and challenging missions await you to explore and complete. Siv koj txhais tes xiav tes thiab liab tes muaj zog los nyiag cov hluav taws xob hluav taws xob lossis rub txhua yam los ntawm qhov deb. Continue to find a way out of the mysterious facility…thiab tsis txhob ntes tau!

– Txaus siab rau gameplay thiab thrilling quests
– Mind-bending thiab twisted puzzles
– Intuitive tswj
– Amazing graphics thiab suab teebmeem.

Can you make it out alive?

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