Rescue Agent 3D – Khib&Hack

Los ntawm | Plaub Hlis Ntuj 28, 2022

Once ambushed, you will be attacked by a mob of enemies, and all you have are lots of knives!

If you don’t like defeating your enemies silently and slowly, you can throw a knife in the dynamite, and defeat a whole bunch of enemies in one hit!

Dab tsi ntxiv, you’ll save hostages on the way to victory! Save people and get on a helicopter – be the hero!


Action-packed game
– Cov duab 3D zoo nkauj
Many difficult missions that require accuracy & quick reflexes
– Intuitive tswj
Simple interface Rescue Agent 3D is a completely free game!

Koj tos dab tsi? The world needs you, agent! Download now and start the adventure!