Idle Master- AFK Hero & Arena Cheats&Csapkod

Által | augusztus 17, 2022

◆ Pass the main level and get 30,000 diamonds for free!

##Game Features##

Casual Idle Gameplay
The battle doesn’t stop when you log off. Level-up even while you’re AFK, and reap the rewards when you next log onso you can jump right back into the adventure.
Set your formations now! Nő & Train a powerful squad with minimal time investment!

Open Team Training
Open Team Training with 6 major races, több mint 200 Hősök különböző frakciókban, sajátos képességekkel, hundreds of rare pieces of equipment!

Unimaginable Novelty Experience
Harcolj barátaid és játékosaid mellett mindenütt a háborúban az úszó kontinens irányításáért
Traverse a variety of maps, defeating monsters along the way, challenging powerful enemies, and getting all kinds of gear and treasures!

Rich Game Content
Idle battling, PVP arena, mysterious cavern, hősi küldetések, and mysterious towers!
Rich game content, you won’t be able to put it down!

Global Guild War
Csatlakozz egy céhhez, challenge for multiplayer guild boss-battles!
Make friends from all over the world then challenge them to battle, leading your guild to supremacy!!

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