Pocket PlantsIdle Garden, Grow Plant Games Cheats&Csapkod

Által | január 8, 2021

Combine your plants to kinyit dozens of cute new ones as you revitalize several different worlds. Charming characters will aid you in your adventure by giving you different tasks to complete for great rewards. You can even connect your phone or Fitbit to help generate more energy as you exercise!


*Gyűjtsd össze mindet! – Grow hundreds of absolutely adorable plants as you mix and match different species in order to evolve brand new ones.

*Cast of charactersHarvest plants for charming NPC’s and complete their orders to earn exciting rewards!

*PowerupsUnlock flasks by completing orders to research dozens of unique powerups.

*Fedezd fel – Breath life back into several magical worlds as you discover more plant types.

*Healthy TwistConnect your phone or Fitbit and convert your steps into free energy in-game!

Kérjük, vegye figyelembe: Pocket Plants is a free-to-play game, de néhány extra játéktárgy valódi pénzért is megvásárolható. Az alkalmazáson belüli vásárlásokat az eszköz beállításaiban tilthatja le.

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