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7Napok: Offline Mystery Story – Csalások&Csapkod

Seven Days is a text mystery adventure game enjoyable for all audiences, with uniquely styled illustrations. The game proceeds as a series of chats, and users read through the story as they make important decisions. The choices made determine the route the story takes. Try the new 7 Napok! Mystery Puzzle Interactive Novel Story now.… Olvass tovább »

TRIVIA STAR Quiz Games Offline Cheats&Csapkod

DOWNLOAD the best trivia games FREE! Trivia Star has exciting trivia games Free for trivia addicts and quiz heads! Trivia Star starts as an easy free trivia game and gets harder as you level up! ENJOY CHALLENGING TRIVIA GAMEPLAY!– Train your brain with addicting trivia questions in free trivia games!– Beat the clock and answer… Olvass tovább »

Memory GamesOffline Games Cheats&Csapkod

Are you ready for some exciting concentration training brought about by matching puzzles for adults? How about participating in a focus booster memory exercise to train your brain? Prepare to enter the ultimate brain training experience with this exciting adult picture memory offline game. Instead of wearing your mind with complex concentration training games, play… Olvass tovább »

Rummyoffline card game Cheats&Csapkod

Rummy Free Card Game by LITE Games – one of the most popular mobile card games worldwide finally comes to Android! The game is also well-known in other countries around the world, for example as Remi (török), Romme (német) and Rami (Francia). Rummy features an excellent design and an intuitive interface. The most common rules… Olvass tovább »