Tower defense:Idle and clash – Csalások&Csapkod

Által | augusztus 17, 2022

Free games are too easy? Idle games are too boring? Here it comes with the most strategic tower defense game for you. Tower defense: Dragon Idle and clash is an offline games with 3D graphics, it will take you to the world of top war.
The whole world is divided into tiny islands during the war, can you take all the cities in this strategy games? Like other popular games, this tower defense game is easy to start, with simple and clear gameplay, you will have epic game experience.
Tower defense: Dragon Idle and clash is a TD (Torony védelem) strategy games with a unique style in its genre. In this war games, you will play as a battle-hardened commander, what you need to do is to assemble your army and lead them to take over all the cities. It is a magical world you will have to upgrade your defenses and mighty soldiers to survive and siege enemy territories to conquer them.
Are you ready for a real battle? The true emperor has fallen. Igazi hősre van szükségünk, igazi Úr, aki egyesíteni tudja a Királyságokat. Recruit heroes from various backgrounds in this war games, from orc and worgen to goblin and skeleton, és gyűjtsd össze seregedet ebben a varázslatos világban! Harcolj és hódíts meg birodalmad megalapításáért!
Tower defense: Dragon Idle and clash is an idle offline games mixing tower defense (TD) and strategy mechanisms with role playing (RPG) elemeket. To conquer the whole world, your objective is to defeat other enemies in all territories with an army made-up of soldiers, siege weapons, heroes and barbarian mercenaries in this popular games.

Torony védelem (TD) and Strategy games style
As the commander of army, you need to make the right strategy by choosing the right soldiers, siege weapons to win the war. It’s a strategy games, there is not only way to clear the stage, so use your brain to make the correct strategy.

Many heroes to kinyit
You need a hero to lead the army to fight the top war. While you are clearing each stage, you have a chance to unlock those powerful heroes. They will help you to dominate in this war games

4 different races to conquer
Tower defense: Dragon Idle and clash also provides the RPG game experience, you will face some other races in this free games, defeat them!

Upgrade your skills and army
Vannak 15 passive and 3 active skills for you to choose and use. You can use coins to upgrade these skills and upgrade your soldiers to deal with stronger enemies.

Valódi harci stratégiák
Try different battle formations and troops combination to achieve victory, minden apró változtatás befolyásolhatja a csata eredményét.

Idle and offline game mode
It’s a no wifi games, you can play this idle games anytime and anywhere as long as your phone has power. Let’s try this addictive fun games out, it won’t let you down.

The age of dark empires have come to an end, it’s time to recover what rightfully belongs to us, now time for revolt, war and revenge!
The warriors claim your name, commander!
Command your gladiators into a battle for eternal glory in this epic clash of warriors.