Ninjutsu Legend-Idle Game – Խաբելներ&Հակեր

Կողմից | Մարտ 27, 2023

Ninjutsu Legend-Idle Game is a card game that brings together many ninjas. Players can recruit ninjas from all over the world, from those with illustrious families, those who inherit the limits of their bloodline, and those who make a name for themselves through their own efforts. This game perfectly recreates the storyline of the War of Ninja, where you will save the world with the Shadow and Stop the ambitions of the bad guys.Players who like ninja anime and handheld games should not miss it!

Ի հավելումն, this game restores the role of the anime, coupled with simple and easy to plan, hot competitive gameplay, you can definitely experience an exceptionally rich game fun!

=Popular characters=
The original setting!according to the different attributes and positioning of the ninja to play the strategy of turning the tide!

=Casual placement=
Rich offline hanging income, free your hands!

=Multiple gameplay=
Multiplayer copies,competitive PK, original storyline and many other experiences, ninjas are not trained in one day.The world is waiting for you to challenge!

=Group organization=
Organizations that lurk in the shadows and act in secret, organizations that openly enforce so-called justice, and organizations that depend on powerful nations and wait for their time ……. Which one will you choose?