Wake him up – Խաբելներ&Հակեր

Կողմից | Ապրիլ 23, 2022
Want to relax after a hard day’s work? Wake Him Up is made for you!
Wake Him Up is a relaxing game. Let’s help him to wake up!
In this stress relief game, you have to wake up the boy by all means, like kicking him, throwing objects at him, or making him fall from bed.

You can grab any object and throw to the boy to make him awake.
Use your imagination, any thing that can throw can wake up the boy.
But remember to wake up before alarm clock rings, or him mother with angry face will come in.

– հեշտ է խաղալ, tap to play game
realistic physics with funny body movement
– 7 different theme, including bedroom, bathroom, gym room, roof top, theme park, train station, and beach