I Am Impostor – Cheats&Hack

By | March 4, 2021

I Am Impostor is an easy, fun, single handed control game. Your mission is to kill all other crew members in a Spaceship before they complete the repairing tasks. Watch their movements carefully and wait for the best moment to eat them alive one by one.
Rules & Control:
– Hold and drag to move around the ship rooms, follow the crew members, or get in the Hyper-Dimension Portal.
– When you get close to the crew members, tap on them or press the Bite button to eat them instantly.
– When you kill everyone without getting noticed, the level is completed.
– Tread lightly and wisely, if other crew members see you get in a portal or find a dead body, they will eject you into space.
– Easy to start, hard to get pro
– Completely free game
– Many skins and accessories to collect
– Eat the crew member whenever you want
– Game mode with countless challenge