Pemburu Kasus – Bisakah kamu menyelesaikannya?? Cheat&Retas

Oleh | Juli 30, 2021

A succession of detective cases to make the city was plunged into chaos…
Under the glamorous surface, the city hiding all kinds of evil.
In order to help people restore the peace life, sebagai detektif hebat Anda wajib melakukannya!
Cari tahu kebenarannya, temukan petunjuk tersembunyi, saatnya untuk menunjukkan kebijaksanaan Anda yang sebenarnya!

Case Hunter is a highly-interactive game of investigation, A chic art style with hidden details to bring you the ultimate object-finding gameplay experience. Find the hidden items, use your analytical skills to detect the suspect’s lies! If you love brain games, permainan pikiran, or some interesting detective games, maybe it’s a great challenges for you!

Fitur Game:
1.Chic art style and superb bgm sound effects bring immersive game experience!
2.Challenge levels: normal case, murder case and more.
3.Multiple game part: Crime scene investigation, manage hotel, collect…,We have all challenges you like!
4.Temukan benda tersembunyi, clue analysis, guessing reasoning, and case-closing!

There is always only one truth!
Can you complete the mission?