Cowboy Story: Wild West Rescue Cheats&Retas

Oleh | April 27, 2022

Lucky Lion is the new Sheriff of Lily Town. Coming to the town, Lion didn’t expect that the whole place was under Dalton the bandit’s control. Nomads are all aroundcausing trouble, scamming places, robbing homes and banks. The mayor and many residents are threatened and leave the town. Karena itu, here comes Lucky Lion who will fight against the evil forces and stand up for justice. Let’s fight along Lucky Lion’s side to protect the town!

Think outside the box to solve the unexpected riddles. Let out your creative thinking and use your intelligence to rescue Lily Town.
Create your own storyline
Complete the 4 maps to uncover western mistery

Endless intense but exciting stories
Multiple and unimagined gameplay
Simple but lively 2D graphics
– Permainan yang menyenangkan – Real IQ test

UNDUH GRATIS SEKARANG! Enjoy the thrilling moment in Cowboy Story: Wild West Rescue