Cuttlefish – Cheat&Retas

Oleh | Juni 1, 2023

After a series of international heists, the infamous Cuttlefish returns to London to settle a personal score. Join Sammy on this family-friendly interactive heist game where every decision is guided by your touch!

From the creators of ‘Erica’, Cuttlefish is a full throttle interactive heist caper perfect for the whole family. Combining intense intricate interactions with a heartfelt branching narrative, Cuttlefish brings you directly into a story about family, survival and safety.

Sammy, aka the Cuttlefish, is no stranger to high-stake jobsbut this one is personal. Teddy, a member of Sammy’s former crew, has turned on those who raised him and you’ll have to use all of your wits and guile to cunningly save the masyarakat. All eyes are on Teddy tonight, and Sammy’s going to make sure she gives them a show.

Are you ready to ‘Frive’?

Live-Action Technology
Immerse yourself within Sammy’s world with this fast-paced cinematic experience, merging the worlds of film and game.

Tactile Immersion
Become part of the heist! FlavourworksTouchVideo technology allows you to become an extension of the story. Reach in and interact seamlessly with the world around you.

An Interactive Story with Multiple Parts
Change the course of the story as you decide between various branching pathways, influencing the environment around you through various scenarios, keeping the interactive film fresh and exciting every time.

Flavourworks is a next-generation technology-focused entertainment studio that produces cinematic live-action stories, and ‘Cuttlefishis their next project. With their unprecedented approach to immersive media, Flavourworks creates intuitive interactive and intimate entertainment experiences, allowing users to guide the story from start to finish via their patented Touch Video mechanics. Experience a unique method of storytelling as you control the outcomes and consequences of the on-screen charactersactions and the world around them.