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Oleh | Oktober 31, 2022

Welcome to Alea. This is a place where Dice battle each other to conquer the opponent’s tower.
Summon Dice each round and fight for victory. Build your deck and gather the warriors for the grand march!
Use Dice with different sizes, keterampilan, and attack methods to overwhelm the opponent!

■ Real-time one-on-one PvP battle with players around the world!
Create your own deck with tones of unique Dice.
Overwhelm your opponent using various strategies.
Compete with others for endless rewards and fame.

■ Real-time battle with friends [2v2 Co-op]
Work together with your friends to destroy the enemiestower!
Acquire victory keys and open chests for special gifts.
It’s a chance to claim legendary Dice~!

■ Collections of Dice with powerful skills and unique abilities!
Collect various Dice full of traits and skills to rule the battle.
Gather Guardians! They will help you are in danger!
Reinforce your deck with Dice and Guardian Class UPs.

■ Compete for higher rankings every season [Dadu Acak: Wars Seasons!!]
Claim the everlasting glory of victory through countless battles with powerful competitors.
Membuka kunci emojis, Dadu, spells, and more with Season Pass!

Join the royal battle of Dice and claim your victory! No friends or enemies are forever in this place, but only victory exists!

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#Android 5.0 or above recommended.

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