Idle Restaurant Tycoon – Cooking Restaurant Empire Cheats&Hack

By | April 29, 2021

Have you ever wondered how to be an effective manager? Find out with this new idle restaurant game!

Build an empire

⭐ Manage your profit in this cooking game different from the other tapping games.
⭐ Complete the challenges & become rich. Food game for everyone that loves to play a cooking simulator!

Create your own idle tycoon restaurant empire

👨‍🍳Hire a star chef, manage finances and profit in your cooking simulator.
💸Expand your cooking empire with this restaurant game without the need to be a constant clicker.
🍽️Adventure with worldwide locations and great star chef and staff in this food tycoon.

No need of endless tapping in this food tycoon

If you are tired of tapping games – Idle Restaurant Tycoon is the right game for you!

Restaurant games are fun and this idle tycoon will become your favourite food game.

The cooking game for you

Play our cooking simulator, earn money for your restaurant – online and offline not like in the others idle games! Level up to open new upgrades easily to create your empire!

Restaurant tycoon simulator for you

⭐ Become a millionaire manager in this cooking simulator.
⭐ Upgrade your star chef and be the best in this cooking battle game.


Idle empire tycoon simulator

With our idle tycoon cooking game, you can create your own story and become an idle empire tycoon.

Download Idle Restaurant Tycoon Empire now

With every step in this food game, you and your star chef will cook and serve tasty food. Make your customers happy to earn more money. You will forget about the other restaurant games & idle tycoon games once you try this one!

• Tycoon simulator not like the others idle games or cooking battle!🌟
• Attract customers and advance your cooking simulator business!🙌
• Restaurant tycoon No need for a lot of tapping like in others idle games and food tycoon games!👌
• Increase your money online or offline in this cooking simulator!💸
• Build an empire with this cooking game without a lot of tapping like in the other clicker games. ⭐

Forget about the other tapping games and restaurant cooking games where you need to click all the time to make a profit. Our idle restaurant tycoon is not a usual game. You won’t need other idle games after you try our cooking simulator!

New type of idle tycoon gaming

⭐Get an amazing cook for each restaurant you will have in your cooking simulator & idle empire tycoon.
⭐Upgrade your star chef and staff to be the best without a lot of taps like in no other of the restaurant games & clicker games.
⭐No constant clicking like in the other idle games.

No tapping like in the other restaurant games & clicker games. With this food tycoon simulator, you can build an empire easily!

Start your cooking battle and grow your idle empire in this restaurant tycoon simulator. You won’t need any of the other restaurant cooking idle tycoon games once you try Idle Restaurant Tycoon.

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