Idle Streamer! Film Maker Game Cheats&Hack

By | February 11, 2022

We are lucky enough to live in the era of change and digitalization. Influencers from all around the world create a huge amount of content each day: live streams, podcasts, videos, movies, clips, music recordings, gaming streams, films and more. Streaming services become more and more popular as new digital celebrities start to rise and reach millions in followers and subscribers. Try to run your idle streaming service empire tycoon business and get rich, play the Idle Streamer Film Maker Game now!

Your objective is to produce as much content as you can, but also be careful how you choose your hosts and guests in order to maximize your streaming earnings. Open new departments and invite famous actors, streamers, gamers, filmmakers, vloggers, youtubers, tiktokers, singers, musicians, social media influencers, fashion models and other celebrities.

This Idle Streamer life simulator is different from other games. We prodive fun real-life 3d experience that is fun for both adults and kids. You decide how to run your business, upgrade all individual items and expand your business model. Improve skills of your hosts and provide better, high-quality content for the viewers.

Play now for free and have fun, contact us if you have any ideas how we can improve our game, thanks!