Idle Survivors: Last Stand – Cheats&Hack

By | May 24, 2023

Pre-register to claim S-rated Hero and exclusive avatar frame!
Prepare for the ultimate alien battle!

A killing plague spread worldwide and took the most lives in the world. As an outstanding commander and one of the few survivors of the plague, you take on the mission to defeat the bio-monsters and destroy the virus. However, you soon find out that it’s a plot by aliens who aim to take over the world.
Recruit survivors and gear up! Now, the battle to defend Earth begins!

++Relaxing Idle RPG for all ages++
A perfect game for busy players on the go!
Wherever you are, whenever it is, obtain resource from the AFK rewards, unlock and upgrade effortlessly.
Bio monsters, mutants show up in the funny cartoon art style, giving you an enjoyable experience.

++Awesome Vehicles++
Vehicle with various cool appearance joins your adventure. Let’s build it from Jeep to the epic Iron Mecha.
Arm your vehicles with exclusive and powerful skills to slay the alien boss!

++Easy Upgrade++
Recruit and upgrade heroes from different factions to build your immortal survivors league.
The zero-cost hero reset and Resonance level-sharing feature guarantee you an easy and free cultivation experience.
Make strategic deployments to deal with different battles with various hero combinations.

++Rich Game Modes++
Have fun with diverse mini games, including Sniper, 1V1 Gunshot, Memory Game, etc.
Multiple game modes meet requirement of all players, and you will always find what you want: Endless Trials, Heroes Journey, Rougelike Expedition and so on.
Complete random city events, explore the world, and collect the city album.

++Global Arena++
Compete with players all over the world in the arena, win the war with your calculated deployment strategy.
Challenge your hero combination strategy by sending 3 teams to the Star Arena and compete with powerful opponents.

++Build your Guild++
Build or join your own guild and get more stats from the guild tech.
Stop and fight against the evil alien guild boss and keep the peace for the world together with your guild mates.

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