Onye na-agba ụta – Ndị aghụghọ&Mbanye anataghị ikike

Site na | Machị 16, 2023

Bubble Shooter is the #1 addictive bubble shooting puzzle game on Android. Ebumnuche, fire and pop your way through this enchanting bubble shooter adventure today!

Shoot and match 3 or more bubbles in this tasty game for sweet winning feeling! Pop and burst with quick thinking and smart tactics to progress to the next challenging level and be awarded with powerful boosters. Are you ready to pop and blast now?

Bubble Shooter Features:
Never-ending fun with THOUSANDS of unique levels
– Dakọtara 3 bubbles of the same color and use combos to pop bubbles
– Ọ dị mfe ma na-atọ ụtọ igwu egwu ma na-esiri ike ịmụta
Enchanting graphics that will leave you spellbound
Play anytime and anywhere, no WiFi connection is required