Dancing Shoot – Ndị aghụghọ&Mbanye anataghị ikike

Site na | Jenụwarị 29, 2021

Dancing Shot the new music rhythm game. Beat Dancing Shooter! Featuring a distinctive soundtrack EDM, and design, each level is a unique musical journey and challenge!
Beat Dancing Shot combines one-finger control gameplay with carefully selected EDM songs to create an experience you have ever seen before.

To anticipate what’s coming next and be able to react to its twist and turns you have to listen carefully to the music. The rhythm of the melody is key to everything that happens in the game.

Otu esi egwu:
Tiles fall with EDM music.
Slide your finger to adjust the direction of the gun to break the tiles.
Try not to miss any tiles to keep the game going.
Enjoy addictive challenges and EDM beats designed for each song.
Collect coins and gems to mepee new music content.

Try Dancing Shooter now! Music lovers will definitely love it! Immerse yourself in a 3D scene combining beautiful music and gunfire, you will find yourself loving this music game.