Sniper Champions: 3D shooting – Ndị aghụghọ&Mbanye anataghị ikike

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Put your aim to the test in this online shooting range game.

Master your shooting skills and outgun your opponent by quickly hitting targets. Will you claim the title of Sniper Champion?

Skillful Sniper Action

Take aim on a variety of shooting ranges full of unique 3D targets and challenges. If you like gun games, you’ll enjoy competing 1-on-1 against other online players.
You are in control and nothing matters except your gun and your skills. Hone both of them to rack up points like a pro in 3D sniper shoot-outs.

When you take that perfect shot, nothing beats watching your bullet hit the bullseye in slow motion.

You Are the Elite Sniper

You will clash with real players in head-to-head snipe-offs, with nothing but your trusty weapon. You are a deadly hunter whose prey is dumbfounded like a deer in the headlights.
If your aim is true and you master your weapon, you’ll rank up in the leagues to show everyone that you’re the best sharpshooter; have fun hunting that top leaderboard spot!
For even more intense competition, join the global tournaments to prove you’re the top marksman.

Dozens of Guns and Targets

Do you love guns? Then this is the game for you! Collect and upgrade weapons for a variety of ways to hit that perfect shot.
Customize your bullet and your target to show your opponent that you can outgun them in style.
Everything on your rifle is customizable; if you want a better scope, you’ve got it! If you want more firepower, you’ve got it! Or maybe more bullets. Those always do the trick.

Pick up your sniper rifle and give this game a shot! It might not fulfill all your hunter fantasies (sorry, no ducks!) but it’ll surely soothe that itchy trigger finger.

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